An integral part of the Foundation’s mission is to recognize excellence in education through student scholarships. The Foundation has established Endowed Named Scholarships each awarding $1,000 annually to a Park Hill graduate. The Foundation has established other scholarships as well.

Class of 2017 pictured aboveFront row: Kayla Decker, Sushma Gandham, Kelly Decker, Alexis Maddox, Dalyn Le Grand, Ellie Stoker, Elizabeth Thibeau, Maddie Anderson, Erika Longenecker Middle Row:  Sophia Konieczka, Nicole Gardner, Kallen Mazeitis Back Row:  Lawrence Fang, Jacob McFee, Davis Ehlers, Carson Schutter, Chase Beeler, Ryan Decker (Not pictured: Mia Hackett)

2017 Endowed Named Scholarships Recipients

Thelma Battmer Memorial Scholarship ~ Lawrence Fang
William P. Bucker Memorial Music Scholarship ~ Dalyn Le Grand
Robert L., Lorena A. and Roger A. Burns Scholarship ~ Elizabeth Stoker
William and Elvarea Fickle Scholarship ~ Ryan Decker
Darren Floyd Memorial Scholarship ~ Chase Beeler
Russell G. Jones, Sr. and Fern Mildred Jones Scholarship ~ Mia Hackett
North Kansas City Hospital Scholarship ~ Alexis Maddox
Ohlhausen Family Scholarship ~ Kayla Decker
PHNEA Beverly Vogt Scholarship for Future Educators ~ Nicole Gardner
Park Hill Education Foundation Scholarship ~ Jacob McFee
Park University ~ Samantha Taylor
William R. and June Porter Scholarship ~ Sushma Gandham
Ethel L. and William T. Poteet, Sr. Scholarship ~ Carson Schutter
Rotary Club of South Platte Scholarship ~ Erika Longenecker
Rotary Club of South Platte Scholarship ~ Davis Ehlers
Saint Luke’s Northland Hospital Scholarship ~ Kallen Mazeitis

2017 Other Scholarships Recipients

Park Hill Alumni Scholarship ~ Elizabeth Thibeau
Randy Martin Memorial Scholarship ~ Kelly Decker
Scott Parrish Memorial Journalism Scholarship ~ Maddie Anderson

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