Front Row: Abigail Moore, Cadence Sackuvich, Sara Montalbano, Antonia Muniz, Katie Claunch, Sally Green, Grace Winheim, Aryana Anderson, Jared Blahnik, Julian Dominguez-Chacon Back Row: Beau Anderson, Brandon Barnett, Ainsley Higgins, Jack Blackburn, Elliott Smith, Sydney Dial, Dillon Potts, Morgan Bratt, Mark Mason

An integral part of the Foundation’s mission is to recognize excellence in education through student scholarships. The Foundation has established Endowed Named Scholarships as well as other scholarships.

2022 Richard and Judy Cummings Renewable Scholarship

The Richard & Judy Cummings Renewable Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship to a Missouri state school and is renewable for one year.

The recipient of this scholarship is Grace Winheim.

2022 Park Hill Education Foundation Student Scholarship Recipients
Endowed Named Scholarships represent awards of $1,000 to Park Hill School District graduating seniors

Thelma Battmer Memorial Scholarship ~ Cadence Sackuvich
William P. Bucker Memorial Music Scholarship ~ Deanna Potts
Robert L., Lorena A. and Roger A. Burns Scholarship ~ Aryana Anderson
William and Elvarea Fickle Scholarship ~ Sally Green
First Student Career & Technical Scholarship ~ Kobe Smith
Darren Floyd Memorial Scholarship ~ Katie Claunch
Russell G. Jones, Sr. and Fern Mildred Jones Scholarship ~ Abigail Moore
North Kansas City Hospital Scholarship ~ Mark Mason
Ohlhausen Family Scholarship ~ Elliott Smith
PHNEA Beverly Vogt Scholarship for Future Educators ~ Beau Anderson
Park Hill Education Foundation Scholarship ~ Syndey Dial
Park University Scholarship ~ Cole Guzzo
Park University Scholarship ~ Antonia Muniz
Park University Scholarship ~ Julian Dominguez-Chacon
William R. and June Porter Scholarship ~ Morgan Bratt
Ethel L. and William T. Poteet, Sr. Scholarship ~ Brandon Barnett
Rotary Club of South Platte Scholarship ~ Sara Montalbano
Rotary Club of South Platte Scholarship ~ Christopher Kemp
Saint Luke’s Northland Hospital Scholarship ~ Ainsley Higgins

 2022 Other Scholarship Recipients

Park Hill Alumni Scholarship ~ Jared Blahnik
Dr. Dennis Fisher AVID Scholarship ~ Aryana Armstrong
Randy Martin Memorial Scholarship ~ Jack Blackburn
Henry & Gwendolyn Robertson ~ Abigail Ervin

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