Programs We Support

The Park Hill Education Foundation is proud to support the following programs.

Classroom Grants

In keeping with the mission of the Park Hill School District Education Foundation, Inc., Classroom Grants are awarded to further promote life-long learning opportunities for Park Hill students. These grants are awarded to full-time Park Hill educators for projects or programs that utilize innovative teaching techniques. Since 1998, the Foundation has awarded 190 grants, going to 459 teachers for a total of $271,022. These grants have benefited thousands of students.

Summary of the 2017 Classroom Grants

Student Scholarships

The Park Hill Education Foundation scholarships are designed to support Park Hill School District graduating seniors who have demonstrated academic ability and perseverance in their continuing educational pursuits.

Professional Studies 


The Park Hill Professional Studies provides students with authentic learning experiences and meaningful professional connections.  Through partnerships with individuals and businesses, Professional Studies connects what is being taught in the classroom with what occurs in the workplace.  Professional experiences are aligned with student’s interests, talents, and passions.  students discover first-hand the relevancy of what they are learning in the classroom and how that applies to college and career opportunities.


InvestNOW is an online grant program that provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals and organizations to help meet the educational needs of students in the Park Hill School District. It gives teachers a unique funding avenue, where they describe a student project and give potential donors the opportunity to make it a reality.

Dr. Carruth Student Grants for Exceptional Learning

These student grants are designed to support Park Hill School District students who have demonstrated academic ability and perseverance in their continuing educational pursuits. Grants are open to all grade levels and may be used for offsetting tuition/fees at a large variety of special camps or other learning events. Examples would include camps for music, science, fine arts, geography, etc.

National Board Certification

The Park Hill Education Foundation desires to encourage and support those Park Hill School District teachers and counselors who are pursuing National Board Certification. It is recognized that those obtaining this certificate have demonstrated that they have met high and rigorous standards for accomplished teaching.

Smart Start image
Smart Start is a focused summer school Academic intervention program designed to meet the individual needs of students who just completed kindergarten, first, second or third grade and are not performing at grade level. The goal is to prepare students for the upcoming school year and keep them from losing ground during the summer.

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